Curtain Ironing Service

Why not to use Laundry Service for curtain ironing also, and let us if you have makeup your mind?

If you hate ironing, we would love to provide you our expedient Ironing Service. With Ducane Richmond Ironing Service, you do not have to worry about your larger heavy curtains ironing. Simply call us at 0208 332 1111, we will pick up your item and press every corner of curtains to its perfection. Soon, you will have the perfect ironed curtains hanged on rods over your window. Our Ironing service will save your precious time and energy. We know that everybody have million different tasks each day that he/she needs to complete just to keep their lives running effortlessly.

That is why we provide free pickup and delivery for ironing orders of curtains. We provide the best level of professionalism and customer service as Inexpensive Ironing.

Call us today to know exactly how to get relief from hectic ironing of heavy curtains!

How we do it

At Ducane Richmond, we
  • Use dynamic equipment like heated ironing boards using vacuum and Teflon iron shoes to give perfect ironing
  • Give surety of fast and proficient service where your curtains will be reverted to you gleaming and crease free
  • Pick up from your designation and deliver then back to you within 24 hours
  • No Cost for plastic tubes, these are all provided by us
  • Along with Ironing service, we give alteration and repairs at reasonable prices

Let’s face it; ironing of curtains is very hectic and it pulls out all the energy you have saved throughout your day. Then why not save the energy and take professional service of reliable ironing and make them look as crease less as new. Simply bring your curtains and our practiced, highly trained team will handle your curtain ironing with their utmost care and upkeep.

At Ducane Richmond, the Ironing is charged per pair which depends on the size and number of pairs. Please make sure that your curtains are not too wet or crumpled up as we may need to re-wash them and this will definitely gain the additional charge.