Curtains Repairs

Don’t let a bit of dirt, damage or hole to your curtains make you fool that it’s time to upgrade them. Save your money and contact us. We will show you that you just needed a good scrub. Ducane Richmond uses natural fabric friendly solution in an exclusive manner that will gently enhance the condition of your curtains. Our curtains repairs service will help you make get rid of the fabric stains, smelly grease, dust and cloth torn. We can assure you that our magical repairs will surprise you with heavy difference before and after. Your curtains will look sparkly clean and as perfect as new. Do not worry, if your curtains have visible damages, we can repair them for you. We make sure that we provide you fast, dependable and welcoming service to all of our clients.

Remember curtain repairing is less costly than replacing the entire curtains itself. We save your money by restoring your curtains into its original attractive condition. From domestic to commercial, we repair all types of curtains for you. We have good reputation amongst the best curtain repairs in town due to our high quality curtains repairs service at modest prices. With over years of experience, our staff is welcoming for any curtain repairs on 0208 332 1111. Our curtains repairs service get back to you only in few hours or on the same day.

Our repairs service range from minor holes to large tears. We also replace breakers, clips and bands of your curtains. We love to work on standard curtains, load limiting curtains, protected curtains, and digitally printed curtains.

Do not Replace, Let US fix it

  • We remove rust, dirt and water marks efficiently from your curtain fabric and provide you with amazing results. Do not ever think that your curtains are too bad, we give you proud results.
  • We thoroughly cleaning your curtains, drapes and blinds.
  • We give utmost care to curtains which are lined with thermal lining.
  • General repairs of Ducane Richmond include re-hemming, repairing pleats, relining, replacing loops and strings of fabric curtains.
  • 24-hours turn around for perfect curtains repair.

Getting curtains repairs

It is really cost-effective alternative to new curtains. Although the curtain material is a moderately strong and durable material but straight sunlight, dust and simple ageing deteriorate the curtain fabric. The edges of curtains are first thing to note whether your curtain needs repairing or not.