Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

You can definitely ask questions, We will get back to You

  • Q: How long will my curtain cleaning take?

    A: Really, it will depend on the items themselves. Typically, lighter coloured curtains take a little longer than bright coloured curtains. Usually with 2 days, we are able to drop it off.

  • Q: Do Ducane Richmond Dry Cleaners charge for collection and delivery service?

    A: If we are scheduled on normal days and have a reasonable quantity of work, there will be no charge. Else, we will keep the charge keep to a minimum. Kindly call 0208 332 1111 for further details.

  • Q: Do you follow all health and safety precaution for curtain takedown and re-hang service?

    A: Yes, we do care about your curtains, so we take every precaution to make them look perfect and safe.

  • Q: What are the Opening hours?

    A: We open daily Monday-Thursday 7.00 am -8.00 pm, Friday 7.00 am - 7.00 pm, Saturday 7.30-7.00.

  • Q: What do I do if I have a complaint about your services?

    A: We have a complete and safe complaint’s procedure that you can follow easily. You can also easily email us your objection. We will get back to you soon.

  • Q: Do I face any risks by having my curtains dry cleaned?

    A: No. We love to give every surety to our customers about the curtain dry cleaning but before that we also aware our customers about the potential issues which depend on the age and fragility of the curtains. We bring certain facts to your attention before the final booking.

  • Q: How much will it cost to clean my items?

    A: Cost really depends on the fabric type, size, and quality of the curtain garment. Simple cotton curtain cleaning can be very economical as compare to the chiffon curtains. The more the fabric is delicate, it takes time and require special treatment to be cleaned perfectly. Come to our store, to find out more about the cost. You can also contact us freely through our online form, we will let you know according to your quote.

  • Q: Do you care for expensive materials like silk or sequins?

    A: Yes, we are experts in handling the intricate, unique and tricky materials.We know the importance of dangling and sequins of your curtains.

  • Q: How much experience do you have?

    A: We have nearly 35 years of experience in Curtain Cleaning. We are successfully running our small family business with guaranteed results and the latest techniques.

  • Q: What is your location?

    A: We are situated just outside Richmond Railway Station. Our address is:
    2 Westminster House,
    Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey
    TW9 2ND

  • Q: Can you always get the stain out?

    A: Yes, almost in every case we have handled so far. We do the best with all necessary and latest techniques to remove the stain. Unfortunately, still there is no guarantee that every stain will come out.

  • Q: What is special about your curtain cleaning service?

    A: Unlike many other dry cleaners, we love the whole process of curtains cleaning from their inconvenient moving, cleaning till the replacement. At Richmond, we are curtain experts and very pleased to practice our expertise to clean your curtains. Above all, why not to enjoy the free pick and drop facility right at your door step. If your dirty curtains are bothering you, you are simply going to make a call and we are here to offer a best solution you are looking for.

  • Q: Will the cleaning removes the stains from my curtains?

    A: Yes, absolutely all stains will be treated prior to cleaning and almost in every case we are successful.