How much to dry clean curtains

The Ducane Richmond Dry Cleaners assure you the complete satisfaction at each stage of handling your curtains dry cleaning. At Ducane Richmond, we use the premium tradition of most radical technology for fabric care. We provide you an ultimate dry cleaning service for all types of curtains. We give them perfect reviving sauna, gentle soak and soft hands to resuscitate their original beauty.

We commend you to have your curtains cleaned on annually basis to protect them from a backlog of soils and atmospheric dust and toxins which affect their life-cycle. Acquaintance to sunlight is another major factor which damages the fabric. To get them clean thoroughly, you require the best professional service. Linings of your curtains are also more vulnerable to this problem, especially if you have thermal linings which are difficult to clean. At Ducane Richmond, Curtains are charged by their length and width. First, the curtains are accurately measured by our professional tailors and then we charge our client the minimum cost for curtain orders.

Cost of dry cleaning curtains

The cost of curtains dry cleaning is different from the typical laundry charges. The dry cleaners choose a particular process of cleaning according to the quality of the curtains fabric. Cost of dry cleaning curtains may vary due to differences in size, style, and fabric type. Some curtains also need extra special care. Be sure to inform us with maximum gen about your curtain style, size, and fabric material as well as any accessories of curtains or stains and major problems you want to tackle with so we can do our job accurately.

Mind that onsite evaluation of the curtains is necessary before we proceed with cleaning of your curtains. We will first check the style of your curtains either they are lined, velvet, tab or others. After completing onsite evaluation, we will suggest appropriate solutions and techniques according to type of curtain and stain. Want to specifically know about your curtains dry cleaning cost, drop us email with information we will get back to you soon.

Can you wash curtains that say dry clean only?

We wondered how much we follow clothes labels that say ‘dry clean only’. The answer of your question is YES. Because, we actually test the fabric first after taking the order and suggest the client what process should take for better results. We also show respect to what our clients thinks. So, we recommend you to first observe the fabric tag. If the tag says DRY-CLEAN ONLY than it is better to obey it. If it simply DRY-CLEAN stated at the tag, that means it is not compulsory method, you can try washing as well. But still we like you to seek professional dry cleaner advice.