We are happy, because you are Happy. Thank you so much sharing the positive experience of curtain cleaning Richmond here at DucaneRichmond. We love to share what our customer says about Us.

Cindy George

“I would like to thank DucaneRichmond for his personal involvement and care in the cleaning process of curtain. My curtains are very intricate and I was concerned about its wash. I just not only gotten rid of the spots, but also it looked much like new to me. It is great now to have a trustworthy dry cleaning service in Richmond.”

Emilie Smoke

“I have been a loyal customer to DucaneRichmond for a few years now. I have no complaints at all. I love their process like they actually come to pick up the curtains and after wash drop them off at the home. My Curtains always look so fresh and so clean and literary clean.”

Ryan Harper

“I have really got to say this is, by so far I have the nicest curtain cleaning experience. Ducane Richmond is extremely professional and personable company. They are just always on time not even a minute late in their service. The results I got were top notch. I can say the curtain still looking GREAT after 2 months wash."

Laura Seth

Ducane Richmond offers a fast, welcoming, suitable and less costly dry cleaning service in Richmond. All I have to do is send them a simple email with my requirements and they are here for collection of cleaning stuff on the same day. From collection to delivery, Ducane Richmond do not charge extra fees. The turnaround is always quick. I do recommend Ducane Richmond to everyone."

Maria Chris

“Ducane Richmond has made my life easier with their efficient curtain cleaning process. Now I have no more rush to the dry-cleaner by just staying at home all of my curtain dry cleaning completed perfectly. I love it.”

Helena Bett

“Ducane Richmond Dry Cleaners are highly recommended by a friend of mine. She had nearly very positive experience with them so she wants me to try them also. No doubt, I also had a very positive experience in getting my one curtain cleaned after already two other cleaners had struggled to remove a spot that would not remove until Ducane Richmond worked on it. I am very pleased with their work”