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Drycleaning | Laundry | Tailoring Service In Castelnau, UK

Welcome to Ducane Drycleaning | Laundry Services


Ducane Richmond is a leading laundry and dry cleaning services company in the Richmond UK and was established on 1994 with years of experience in dry cleaning and laundry services London, we handle the most delicate of fabrics… Be assured that your garments are in safe hands! Full dry cleaning services for all your cleaning needs.


Ducane Richmond Laundry have an ongoing and continually evolving programmer which refines our systems, as well as ongoing staff training which enables us to continue offering their unique high level of customer service.


24/7 Available For Booking Online

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Expert Drycleaner & Laundry Service









Our Services

We understand that sometimes, time is of the essence and we can even dry clean your clothes within 1 hour. Although we have cover above locations around London, we a have a completely free pick up and delivery service for you to take advantage of.


We are Professionals

With over 20 years experience, Ducane Richmond Drycleaner team handle 
all garments dry clean with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Home & Professional Dry Cleaners

We Dry clean of : suits,shirt,abaya,sheila,dresses,trousers, jackets,pulls. 
All of the dry cleaning that we process comes with a complementary hand finish.  
All of the garments that we process are hand finished to the highest possible 
standard using the best possible tools and presses.

Our Expert Laundry Services

Laundry is picked up from residences and businesses on a regular schedule. 
Our Customers usually pay by weight for their laundry, with the service washing, 
drying, and folding the laundry. Additional services like stain treatment, dry cleaning, 
and ironing may also be offered at us.
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Tailoring & Stitching

We don’t just alter and repair clothes; we can also work on things 
like curtains, duvet sets, throws and more! No matter what needs 
to be altered or repaired, our skilled team of tailors is up to any task.

Handbag & Shoe Repair

Need a torn or badly worn item repaired or an alteration made to an item to make 
it fit just right or be fashionable again. We employ professional tailors and seamstresses 
to repair and alter your all types of handbag & Shoe item quickly and expertly.

Our Clients

Busy Working Professionals, Residential Homes Apartments, 
Hotels Industries, Charter Schools Uniforms, Senior Centers, 
Corporate Office Accounts.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Here at Ducane Dry Cleaners we use the best tools and 
machinery to dry clean the wedding dresses our clients 
bring in to us. Our staff are properly trained to ensure 
that all dresses are cleaned carefully for the very best results.

Curtains Cleaning

Dirty curtains can play host to germs and bacteria. Clean curtain is much nicer 
and our Steam Cleaning removes stains, Dirt and soiled areas, Fungal Spores and 
99.9% of Bacteria. Our Unique equipment and Steam Cleaning Method involves 
agitating the dirt particles through Hot and Dry Steam injection and Extraction 
at the same time. 
Our Key Cutting Serivces Richmond London UK

Key Cutting Services

With over 20 years experience, Ducane Richmond Drycleaner team handle 
all garments dry clean with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Free Pickup & Delivery

We understand that our customers lead extremely busy lives. Whether 
it’s going to work, studying at university or looking after the family, Here at 
Ducane Dry Cleaners we offer a collection and delivery service to make your 
life that little bit easier.

Commercial Services


You need to contract a customized high quality laundry service program. We enjoy a long-term relationship with the most prestigious hotels within the region. We can also provide dry cleaning for front-of-house staff and guests. Our commercial lines: hotels, golf, spas, clubs, restaurant, yacht clubs, and uniforms.

Whatever your needs are, Call us at 0208 332 1111.

Retail Services


Have a hassle-free experience with Ducane Drycleaner Richmond ! Call us now, at 0208 332 1111, and schedule for a FREE laundry pickup and delivery service. Our friendly and helpful drivers are more than happy to serve you.

We use up-to-date equipment and provide staff with regular training to ensure that you receive a service that is second to none!

We are one of the best known and most trusted dry cleaners in Richmond UK:

Over 20 years experience in Regular dry cleaning | laundry Service and steam pressing.



Here at Ducane Dry Cleaners we pride ourselves on having over 20 years experience in dry cleaning and steam pressing. With a more than 50 locations throughout UK we can offer an extremely high level of service, quick turnaround times and unbeatable affordable prices – a combination that has made us one of the best known and most trusted dry cleaners in Richmond UK.


Our cleaning products get the job done so you don’t have to stress out over your laundry.


0ur staffs are well trained, our operation is efficient, and our service is professional.


Linen laundered lasts longer due to the quality professional chemicals.


Free pickup and delivery per agreed schedule.

Best Curtains Cleaning London UK

Curtain Cleaning

Our carpet, sofa, and curtain cleaning Services have all the right tools to make your drapes, rugs, and couches look new again!

Tailoring & Stichting London UK

Tailoring & Stithing

All of our tailors are trained to the highest level and we only use the very best tools, ensuring every job is completed to the highest standard.

Professional Dry Cleaning

Professional Dry cleaning

We’ll wash anything and everything when you take advantage of our laundry service! From coats to trousers, from curtains to bed spreads, our laundry service caters for the masses.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Cleaning

We express the topmost standard of wedding dress dry cleaning available in the London UK

Looking for Hand Finish Dry Cleaning in London UK  ? Yes, We Do it for you  !!

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