Curtains Alterations Service

Curtains alterations service is available, in case you are moving to new home or refurbishing the same one. Be aware, the new curtains are made usually within a 3 weeks’ time span, so it is better to alter the present curtains rather than spending too much time on selecting the new fabric, color scheme and style of the curtains.

If your curtain textile is in good condition then why not re-use it. With our precious help, your old curtains will look as perfect as new! The cost effectiveness is the secret of getting curtains alterations. Call or email us for expert advice on curtains alterations service.

Pick curtain alterations because

Changing sizes and adding lining can be the two main reasons to opt the service of curtains alterations. At Ducane Richmond, our service can made the curtains shortened or lengthened, made them wider or narrower, can convert them into energy saver or also can lengthen the life of existing curtains. Here is the deal, measure the window space mixed it with additional; detail of lining and drop us email for quote. Ducane Richmond is now contributing with a professional curtains alterations service by its skilled staff and in return of a fair price.

Across London – including Richmond, we are the only company to ponder commending: Ducane Richmond Dry Cleaners. Our professional staff starts the curtain alterations service to its finest degree, paying full attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction. The very service of curtains alterations should not be taken lightly because if one step goes wrong all the material would go waste. We prefer you to discuss your curtain modification with our team who will counsel you on the best plan.

As appreciation of going through Ducane Richmond website, here are few tips to precisely measuring the size of curtains according to window
  • In case, you are fitting a new pole, we advise that the length of pole must extend 15cm to 30cm either side of the window and 12cm to 15cm above the window break. If you are dealing with rail, then first measure the overlap and add the two measurements collected.
  • Curtains can either to be dangled to the floor, a sill or below the sill. If you want them on the floor, please measure from the top of the track to where the curtain is to finish.
  • For Style headings, measure from the underside of the decorative ring to where you want the curtain to finish.
  • Use the board width to decide the size of valance required. This is generally approximately 30cm wider than the curtain rail is fitted.