Welcome to Curtain Cleaning Richmond

At Curtain Cleaning Richmond, we pride ourselves in providing our customers excellent curtain care from cleaning, to repairing, altering and manufacturing bespoke curtains especially for to your requirements.

We have over 20 years of experience in the dry cleaning, washing, and tailoring sector, and therefore can cater for any needs you may have for your curtains together with paying attention to the details of every curtain we clean, care or manufacture.

We cater for all curtain material types, be it cotton, wool silk, velvet or a mixture of natural and manmade fibers. To that end we check your curtains thoroughly for colour fastness, shrinkage and condition before they get cleaned, so that we are fully aware of your curtains needs before we start to clean your curtains.

Our curtain cleaning turnaround time is usually 2 days, starting from the time you bring your curtains in to be assessed by our expert dry cleaning staff, to the time they are ready to be collected, ironed, hand finished, smelling fresh and professionally cleaned and packed.

We also provide our clients with a friendly, free and convenient collection and delivery service, so that if you live in the West London you don’t have to worry about coming in to drop off or even collect your curtains. We take care of that for you. Just drop in to our store to book your collection or delivery, or phone us to book our delivery van or you can order your collection via our website (please fill the form: we pick and delivered in Richmond and surrounding areas for FREE)